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ラティコ ショップ

7days Hotel / 7days Hotel plus / Online shop

The name "7days laatikko" comes from the Finnish language, a culture which places value on day to day lifestyle ... We want to bring the good taste of the amazing creators we meet each season to you. We hope it makes you want to visit Kochi someday. Welcome to laatikko!

Products from the Lattikko Shop can be purchased at Seven Days Hotel, Seven Days Hotel Plus or the online shop.

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Open day Vol.10

Eat meさん(ケーキ、焼き菓子)/ショートショートチャイさん(チャイ)/山本麦酒さん(クラフトビール)/Teppan Daining ミヤタヤさん(お好み焼き)/LIGGURRIさん(揚げピッツァ)/CHILL CURRYさん(スパイスカレー)/畑の食堂Copanさん(ベーグルカレー)/DADA NUTS BUTTERさん(ナッツ)/moucandleさん(キャンドルナイト)/7daysHotel(laatikkoマルシェ)

Open day Vol.5
Nao Mikami/Ark and Soil/Te tea and eating/Kamikatez Beer/Mimoto Saketen/The Roots Ino/Kariya Farm/Mika yea Nishigami/Farm Vegeco/Nakazato Nature Farm

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